A Quick Review Of Line 6 Pod HD500X

Line 6 POD HD500X has a number of features that we could talk about but you will find the hd500x reviewed here in brief, with the essential features highlighted for you to make a choice.

Effects and amps

Considering the fact that there are 100+ stomp and studio effects and more than 30 amps available, the hd500X is clearly the real deal. It can support up to eight simultaneous effects. It also lets you select a wide range of speaker cabinets and mic options to acquire the exact tone that you are seeking.

PC Editor

The PC Editor lets you create and save presets on your PC as well as fine tune them by using the unit’s controls. It is quite simple to use and the amount of control that you have on the tone is simply amazing.


The hd500x comes equipped with a simple looper that lets you record up to 48 seconds. This looper can record both wet and dry signals and also has functions like half playback speed, layering and reverse.

Ease of use

This unit has different ways in which it can be used and although there are a wide variety of settings, it is never overwhelming for the user to get used to it. The learning curve is not steep at all when it comes to understanding the process. Once all the presets are set up, it is quite convenient and easy to tackle.


The unit has an impressive construction and it does look like it can withstand rough use.

This unit can be used by performing musicians, intermediate guitarists, for home recording purposes, etc. However, it is not suitable for people who need only basic sounds. You need not upgrade to this unit because a simple guitar would be able to do the same job for you without spending more money.