Capturing nature naturally

The importance of protecting the nature and preserving the environment cannot be emphasized on enough. There are numerous campaigns and social initiatives taken to show everyone why and how our future lies in saving the land base and waterways from harm. Conservation photography is all about creating awareness with the help of pictures. Some of the best photographers of the world spend a lot of time and energy in utilizing the power of these images to bring about a change in the mentality and attitude of the humans towards Mother Earth.

Photographic insights into Christopher Columbus Park through the camera are part of this conservation photography. It is vital to educate the people to appreciate nature more by visiting beautiful venues such as the Columbus Park. This short walk from the North End which is along Boston’s waterfront includes a wonderful playground. There is plenty of places for the kids to have a time of their lives.

The idea of photographing a place such as this park is to highlight the greenery and bring to the fore, the amazing activities that can be performed here. There are volunteers who make it their duty to market both the park as well as the significance it has on the environment. Events such as the Fall Festival are celebrated at the park, the images of which are posted on the internet.

The Christopher Columbus Park has many friends and volunteers who have put together a wonderful program to stress on the worth of nature using the camera as a tool. This art project aims to change the course by installing a sculpture consisting of plastic bottles. This is a reminder of all the harm that is done. By capturing the essence of the park through a camera, an attempt to save nature is made.