Internet Privacy: Protect Yourself And Your Family Members From Cyber Dangers

Today, everyone is online. Everyone has not only Email accounts but have social medial accounts that mark their constant presence online. While there are many Apps and security settings on these social media platforms to secure your account and details, what about your browsing?

Yes what you browse also matters. There are many malware and spyware that will get downloaded to your system and attach itself to it. This will then leak all your private details and files, causing a threat to your privacy.

Protect Yourself

There are many cyber dangers awaiting anyone who goes online. Even those who don’t have a social media account and just browse online are under threat. Only way to protect yourself from such dangers is to be careful.

Be careful about the pages you visit. If it doesn’t seem right or if it is not what you were looking for, log out of that page immediately and close it. Many websites that show up as a search result will take you to a whole different page. When you suspect something like this happening, close that page immediately.

There are Apps to help you protect your privacy when you are browsing online. this will ensure the attackers cannot access information about your browsing and other activities online. also, once you finish browsing, delete your browsing history and the temporary files that were downloaded. This is important because, many security threats happen based on the temporary files and cookies downloaded to your system.

When you delete all this after every session, the hackers cannot trace you based on the cookies downloaded. However, one cannot manually delete it all, every single time. This is where various security Apps and software come to your rescue. This is what I use to delete my private information trace from the internet. It has been very helpful dn ensures me and my family are safe online, at all times.…