Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Home Pest Free

Pests can be a real problem when left unattended for too long. These need to be taken care of at the earliest, failing which the problem will only multiply. Be it pests in your garden or bed bugs which are more fatal, you need to ensure you get rid of them soon and effectively.

There are a number of bedbug control Glasgow based companies that can help you with the bed bugs situation. For pests, again there are a number of such pest control companies available around your area in Glasgow.

Here are 10 effective tips to keep your home pest free:

  1. Air

Air out all your carpets, beds and mattresses regularly. Leave the windows open for some fresh air to come in at least on alternate days.

  1. Sun

Dry the rugs, mattresses, and blankets under the sun once in a few months or at least in summer. This fresh air and heat from the sun will discourage not only mildew but also pests and bed bugs

  1. Spray

Spray down your fabricated surfaces with pest control solutions that are safe to be used indoors. You can find a variety of them in the stores.

  1. Clean

Keep all surfaces, nooks, and crannies clean. Small creaks and gaps need to be cleaned or vacuumed regularly to ensure pests don’t start nesting in your house

  1. Walls

Check your walls and keep them clean regularly. If there are gaps or cracks in them, get them filled or checked regularly.

  1. Garbage

Dispose of your garbage the right way and ensure the bags are tied securely. Garbage is a sure way to attract not just rodents but pests too

  1. Moisture

Ensure there is no moisture inside the house. Even in your garden, keep the hose turned off when water is not needed. Pests tend to thrive in moist places.

  1. Trim Trees

Trim your plants and trees in such a way that they don’t rest on the walls or roof of your house. This will prevent pests in the trees from entering the house.

  1. Seasonal Check

Get a professional to check your house thoroughly from time to time. This may seem expensive but being cautious can save you a lot more money and time.

  1. Overall Cleaning

If you find any place infested with pests, do not attend to just that area. Get the entire house checked and clean for you can never be sure where these pests would move to.…