Gadgets And Technologies I Use Everyday

I am a gadget addict. Gone are the days when gadgets were sparingly used. Today technology has improved so much that the small smart phone in your hand can do almost anything you want.

Take a look round you to know how dependent we are on these gadgets. Here are some of the gadgets I use on a daily basis:

Smart Phone

This is the most used gadget by almost everyone who owns a smart phone today. One can use this for the following every single day

  • To call people
  • To chat with or send messages to people all over the world. Free messaging Apps have made communication extremely easy and fast
  • To take photos and record videos. This phone has replaced a number of cameras
  • To shop. Online shopping Via Apps is one of the biggest businesses today. Why wait in queue when you can shop from home and have it all delivered at your door step?
  • Find Way – The Google Maps is one of the most used Apps to find one’s way around unknown places. This technological development has made life of travelers very easy and safe.


Today every single business uses computers and laptops. Even the drama and movie industry that solely relies on a person’s acting talents, use this gadget for the effects and graphics.

We use this device everyday for work and recreational purposes


Now this is a gadget you are bound to find in every house. People of all ages are entertained by this device and technological developments have only made it better. With Android box, one can connect their TV to their Android device and use all the Apps and features of the device on their TV itself.

One of my most impulsive and biggest expenditure this quarter has been on the best Android box, simply because it can do so much! It can just change the entertainment scenario at home.