Is Your Instagram Engagement Going Down? Here’s The Best Ways to Fix it

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that are used by many people, either for their personal purposes or for businesses. It is very popular amongst different countries, age groups and from common people to celebrities. Instagram is used to reach a huge audience at a single place, where you can interact with them, advertise your business or learn new things from others. But with continuous usage and huge content, you might notice that your Instagram following is going down. If you are facing this problem, check the best ways to fix it.

1) Use unique content: No one wants to see the same content on every Instagram account. If you want people to follow you, you have put up unique content. You can put up a few posts with valuable content instead of flooding your Instagram page. Review your content, check if you are uploading correct information, high-quality photos before you post anything. Your followers might be using an Instagram video downloader to get your photos and videos, so make sure they are of good quality.

2) Use hashtags correctly: One of the best ways to reach the maximum number of followers is using hashtags correctly. Use different and popular hashtags to reach maximum people, but keep in mind you are using hashtags that are relevant to your content. Spell the hashtag correctly; better not to create new and random hashtags of your own apart from your brand hashtag.

3) Post at the optimal times: There are so many Instagram users, putting up so much content at regular intervals that your post might get lost in the feed. To avoid this, put up your posts when the maximum of your followers are active, so they can see your new posts immediately. You will have to understand your audience, their time zone, and the probability of when they will be using the Instagram account.

It is not difficult to put up a lot of posts, but if you want to keep increasing your popularity, you will have to put up every post thoughtfully.