Be it a birthday, celebrating an anniversary or any other celebrations, women loved to be pampered and made to feel good. Whether it is your mother, sister, girlfriend or your wife, every woman deserves nothing but the best. What better way to make a girl feel better than gift her a premium handbag? Always choose Gucci handbags for a perfect gift as they never fail to make her feel on top of the world.

It is understandable that a Gucci bag will come with a price. But when you compare it with the priceless smile on your lady’s face, it will feel like nothing. While scouting for high-quality places to shop for your Gucci bag, one needs to beware.

There are many places that claim to sell authentic Gucci bags but often end up with a fake. There can be no worse embarrassment than gifting a loved one a fake handbag. For the exact same reason we present to you certain pointers that you must bear in mind while shopping for a Gucci. These points will help you tell the difference between an authentic Gucci bag and a fake one.

  • An original Gucci handbag will always come in a dust bag. The dust bag itself will always be black in color with GG’s logo printed on it brown. The dust bag will have black colored draw strings attached to it, so as to keep the handbag in perfect condition.
  • There will always be a ‘Controllato’ card that will come along with an original Gucci Handbags. This card is a proof that the bag has been checked for perfection after it was made. The card will appear with the brand name and ‘Controllato’ printed on it. Under that will be set of numbers that signify its serial number.
  • You will also get along with an authentic Gucci bag a booklet that contains all the basic information of the bag along with its care and other details.
  • All new Gucci handbags come along with a Firenze Card. Check the card for spellings and positioning of the logo.
  • There will always be a ‘Made in Italy’ tag made of leather. This tag will always be stitched inside the bag. However, there will be some variations in this as the older bags may have some difference.
  • The hardware including the zipper, clasps etc. will be made of high quality and will be smooth and free of rust. Also they are never covered in plastic.
  • The stitch of the bag will be seamless and perfect. You will never find an original Gucci with imperfections.