Popular Tech Used To Drug Test

Among other tests, urine testing is the most popular and the commonest way for drug testing at workplaces. The other popular forms of testing are hair testing, saliva testing, blood testing and perspiration testing.

What is urine testing like?

All kinds of drugs that enter our system go through biochemical reactions that happen to change the structures of these drugs. The changed substances are known as metabolites. Needless to say, the main point of passage of these metabolites is urine. This is why a urine sample is the most popular form of testing because the metabolites are directly received in the sample and it is easier to test for the presence of drugs.

Hair follicle testing

Yet another popular method of testing is the hair follicle test. Drug metabolites remain trapped in the hair follicles for a longer time period than the bloodstream and urine. If a company requires testing for long-term drug usage, this is the best form of testing. It is a highly sensitive form of testing and sometimes requires a urine sample test to confirm the results.

Saliva testing

Saliva testing is mostly popular for recent use of drugs. The test involves the collection of saliva samples that may or may not contain drug metabolites.

Blood testing

Blood testing is considered to be the most accurate but it is way more expensive than other forms of tests. It detects the presence o metabolites in the bloodstream accurately and also indicates whether the individual is currently on drugs or not.

How to pass these tests?

Unlike what you see and read on the Internet, there is no magical way to escape a drug test if you have been on drugs in the recent past or are still on them. However, if you are planning to get rid of this addiction, you could try taking detox drinks. You will be glad to know that detox drinks are a great way to stay in shape as well.