The Best Servers for Hosting Video

When looking for a server you plan on hosting your video base website on, you have to ask yourself a number of questions before you get to the right answer.

You don’t want a needlessly expensive one beacuse it might have tons of space, power and other feratures that you wouldn’t nesersarrily need when starting off. On the other hand, bigger can be better, and allowing space for growth can be equally important, especially when you start to increase the number of views for your video based website.

1) Are you streaming videos live, backing them up to the server or both?
This question relates to space available on the server as well as it’s ability to stream live. If your videos are lengthy and numerous, you’ll really want a server with a big memory. Videos can be huge, especially if the video has been edited. The definition of the file you’re uploading will also play a huge role in size. One 4k movie will be close to 100gb, while movies shot on an iPhone aren’t nearly as big.

2) How much traffic will you expect to get to your site? Will it be loads at once or spread out evenly throughout the day?
If you expect people to be all coming at your site at once, such as a live stream of sports, then nothing but exceptional connectivity will do. On the other hand, if that isn’t too much of a big deal for you, maybe the amount of space available on the server would be more important

3) I’d always look at the reviews for good support.
If your server is down, you need to know why and quickly. Every second could be costing you money, so good support is critical.Look for live chat and 24/7 support